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Couples/Relationship Issues Counselling

The Chaitanya Clinic is one of the leading clinics for treatment of sex problems in Pune. At our clinic, Dr. Nanal is known as the best couple/relationship issues counsellor in Pune.

He is a highly experienced and well trained couple/relationship issues counsellor. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of sexology therapy. He specialises in providing proper treatment and consultation on sexual problems; adolescent sexuality; diagnosing sex-related problems; counselling and therapy.

If a couple is experiencing post-marriage issues such as lubrication, bedroom problems, libido loss, vaginitis, infertility, or any other sex-related issues, our Couples/Relationship Issues Counselling in Pune can help.

Couples/Relationship issues Counselling in Pune

Because of the various stressors in our fast-paced lives at the moment, it may appear difficult to have a sound and cheerful relationship; however, we can participate in a useful, positive, and generally gainful relationship with our accomplices.

Our relationship advisors in Pune can assist in improving and upgrading relationships with your life partners. Through couple counselling in Pune, you can come to smart conclusions about modifying and reinforcing your relationship or heading out in a different direction.

What is Couples/Relationship issues Counselling & Couples Counselling?

Couples mentoring helps two individuals engaged with close connection gain knowledge about their relationship resolve struggles and further develop relationship fulfilment by using an assortment of remedial interventions. You can profit from our administrations for proficient marriage mentoring in Pune.

which comprises the accompanying components: Center around a particular issue (for example, sexual hardships, Internet dependence, desire).

Center around treating the actual relationship, as opposed to every individual independently Treatment begins with arrangement-centered, change-centered mediations. Obviously, laying out treatment targets Our Best Marriage Mentors in Pune assist by giving a space to couples to investigate and revive their relationship.

Why Couples/Relationship issues Counselling & Couples Counselling?

Our marriage mentors help couples in a wide range of personal connections — paying little mind to the Sexual Direction or Conjugal Status.

There are various explanations behind several considered marriage mentoring in Pune, and wherever else, either to reinforce their relationship or work on their upset relationship.

A portion of these are:

Acquiring a Better understanding of the relationship

A more profound comprehension of one another

  • Correspondence issues
  • Sexual hardships
  • Clashes about youngsters raising or mixed families
  • Substance misuse
  • Outrage
  • Misuse
  • Treachery

what’s in store in Couples/Relationship issues Counselling?

Typically, couples or relationship issues Counselling treatment starts with standard inquiry questions in regards to the historical backdrop of the relationship as well as individual history in regards to every individual's emotional well-being and family and social foundation.

Contingent upon the particular Couples/Relationship issues Counselling in Pune that clients look for help with tending to, the Couples/Relationship mentors in India would utilize various procedures, activities, and apparatuses in their meetings.

Our Best Couples guides in India utilize the accompanying parts as a fundamental

Framework for Couples/Relationship Directing:


Our Couples instructors would inquire as to yourself, your accomplice, your own narratives, your on-going relationship, and your set of experiences as a team.

Troublesome Conversations:

Despite the fact that it very well may be challenging to discuss individual and confidential issues before someone else, our Couples/Relationship advocates in Pune are proficient at exploring troublesome subjects and conversations for yourself as well as your accomplice.

Conversation of Treatment Movement:

We accept that you would be the best ones who can see us about how the Treatment is aiding, harming, or not modifying anything at every meeting. This helps our Couples specialists to foster a further arrangement according to your necessities.


Our Couples/Relationship mentors could propose activities at home to assist you with rehearsing what you've realized during your meeting.

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