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We are leading Top level Sex Treatment in Pune from Chaitanya Clinic - Dr.Nanal

Welcome to the Chaitanya Clinic, the best sexual and psychiatric treatment clinic in Pune. Dr. Nanal (Consultant Psychologist and Psychiatrist) established the clinic in 2002.

We want to give exhaustive consideration to those individuals who are battling or suffering from different psychiatric disorders and sexual problems in their day-to-day existence.

Additionally, we increase mindfulness about sexual treatment and psychiatrists' treatment in the general public. It's the best place to get an answer to a sexual or sex problem from a specialist.

As per a World Health Organization (WHO) supported study, while around 24% of individuals in India detailed having a long time of sadness in their lifetime, almost 40% experienced what is called a Major Depressive Episode.

Additionally, in our country, sexual education is extremely low, and that is the explanation we can make for our sex problem. Therefore, it is a major challenge to our general public to make a sound society.

At Our Chaitanya Clinic, we offer treatments for sex issues, which include depression, anxiety, dementia issues, child and adolescent issues, de-addiction, and mental disorders for our patients.

We additionally offer the best treatments for sex issues, which include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, erectile problems, bedroom issues, hypersexuality, psychological sexual disorders, male sexual disorders, and female sexual disorders for our patients.

Dr. Nanal is a specialist sexologist and psychiatrist at the Chaitanya Clinic in Pune. He was working with 20 years of experience in sexology and psychiatric treatment.

He counsels and treats all sex and psychiatric issues such as ED, PE, Low Sex Drive, Sexual Dysfunction, Addiction Sex Counselling, Male and Female Sexual Issues, Mood Disorder, Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Behavioural Disorder, Personality Disorder, and so on.

You can determine all sex and psychiatric issues by eye-to-eye consulting. You can also come directly to our Chaitanya Clinic in Pune. You can also book an arrangement straight from our site.

Chaitanya Clinic at Pune has been laid out in 2002 for Psychiatry and Sexology Treatment. Chaitanya Clinic plays had a urgent impact in working on the Health and prosperity of various patients confronting mental difficulties. By fostering a Doctor-patient Relationship, the Doctor in the Clinic produces a bond with the patient in order to grasp the Behavioural example of the patient. With a legitimate report and perception of irregularities connected with the temperament, Behaviour, and discernment, the Psychiatrist Diagnosis the issue and recommends satisfactory Treatment for the equivalent.

At our Chaitanya Clinic, we offer treatments for sexology issues which incorporate depression, anxiety, dementia issues, children's and adolescent issues, de-addiction, and mental disorders for our patients to treat their psychological issues.

We additionally offer medicines for sexual issues, which incorporate Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Hypersexuality, and Psychological Sexual Disorder, as well as Male Sexual Disorder and Female Sexual Disorder for our patients.

The Doctor does a careful check of the actual soundness of the patient to guarantee whether the Disorder is a blend of physical and mental sickness or is just a psychological illness. The Psychiatrist is engaged with advising the patients as well as endorsing medicine and now and again, lab tests, contingent upon the case.

We are devoted to straightforwardly working on the well-being and prosperity of our patients and fostering proficient and individual associations with them by giving the Best Care to each quiet with coordinated clinical practice, exploration, and Education. Visit us at Chaitanya Clinic for the Best Psychiatry and Sexology Treatment.

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