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We Chaitanya Clinic are providing Treatment of Sexology in Pune and Somwar Peth, Chaitanya Clinic Pune

Sexology Doctor/Specialist/Clinic in Pune, Sexology Doctor/Specialist/Clinic/ in Somwar Peth, Sexology Treatment in Pune, Chaitnya Clinic Pune.

        Dr. Nanal Chaitanya Clinic is one of the Best Sex Counseling & therapy center for value based Sex Education, Sex Counseling, pre& post marital Sex Education, Sex Therapy & training to better once sexual life, fertility problems due to sedentary Life Style, Obestity , Pcod, Thyroid Dysfunction, Pollution, Physicial& Mental Stress, Pid, Std,etc...

    Top facilities provided at our Clinic 
  • 1] Consultation with Doctor face to face.
  • 2] Sex Education, Sex Counseling, Sex therapy , practical advise, opinion for all sex related problems, pre & post marraige sex counseling, Education.
  • 3] Dignostic tests for blood, urine, hormonal & seman tests, health check up, Sex fitness tests. 
  • 4] surgical treatment as and when required for consurned problems with Specialist Doctors.

About - Dr. Nanal

         Your search for answers to issues regarding sex & relationship, health ends here...create awareness about the sexual health, spread knowledge of the scientific basis of human sexuality & art of sexual intimacy. Explore the biological -sensual -cultural -religious & spiritual dimensions of human sexuality. help yourself understand & solve your sexual problem. man & woman need expert help. Are u afraid to consult a sex expert ? is there any quick fix solution to my sex problem telephonic helpline call for above query (expert) Dr Nanal 9822757561.>Is any sex relegated problem troubling u? Take expert Sexology opinion now.get proper advice, counseling RX by expert therapist Dr. Nanal. couple counselor, posy sex education therapist forPE/ED , hypoactive sex desire, gender issues, hormonal & semen testing, pre & post marriage counseling center, infertility, HIV, STD, AIDS,hypogonadism, undecended testis, smallpenis , hydrocele, penile ulcers, warts , fungal infection female Dr for pregency check up PCOD, Puberty& Menopause, PID, Fibroids, RX.

        Sexual dysfunction a global problem, reversal of erectile dysfunction possible by reversing the underlying [root] cause of erectile dysfunction, atherosclerosis, reversing ED program treats the problem[blocked artery], increase circulation, increase energy, increase vitality, reverse PE improve libedo naturally sreak with the doctor and discover the many possiblities of this great scientific break through to help patients take command of their senses and greatly improve the quality of life. Sex Counseling and Therapy Treatment for {single or married}Psycological, Physiological, Relational, Physical, Marito Sexual, Scientific Sexuality, Sexual health, non consumation, low sex drive, masterbation issues, delay or absent Ejaculation, contraception methods including emergency contrecptive pill, STD, AIDS, Sex abuse frustration & depression, obssesive compulsive internet sex, homosexuality.

        Are you scare of going to toilet, Not Able TO sit comfortably, Embarrassed with external piles, lumps priking sensation with Defecation, Discharge not stopping, Females No need to shy if proper Treatment is done at early stages nearly all disorders taking place in Women's can be cured easily, Stop suffering in scilence you are not alone piles fissure, fistula constipation can be Treated safely and without side effects with oral medications comprehensive Rx for piles (Internal/External ), Bleeding/prolapse, Pregnancy, Hereditary, Acute & chronic Ano -Recital problems.

About - Sexologist Doctor in Pune Dr. Nanal

        Suffering from skin Diseases, psoriasis, eczema, Allergic disorders, Asthma, Bronchitis (Adults & pediatric) visit Dr Nanal for comprehensive & Natural from of Treatment which stimulates Body immune system fight disease & minimize chances of recurrence & offers lasting relief. Now a day's patients regularly search for health related information seek medical advice on internet & consult online & vial emails we serve such patients as well. FOR online / Remote consultation OR call us OR send email explaining Medical complaints & relivent reports. Doctor will study case & give appropriate advice. Advice online is free patients will Be charged only if He / She opts for Treatment.

A sexologist is some one who studies oris an expert in sex &sexuality One who study sexual intrest behaviors &function. Sexologist are trained in sexual development &development of sexual Relationship also one knows the exact medicines of sexual inter course. Sexual expert studies & deal with sexual dysfunction disorders &variations In a variety of groups including elderly which can become quite complex When dealing with sexual issues while navigating around religious &political Beliefs. Sex therapist are one who resolve issues with in a few sessions.

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