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We Chaitanya Clinic are providing worlds no one Treatment from Sexologist in Pune Dr Nanal

         Chaitanya Clinic is one of the Best Sexologist Doctor in Pune & therapy center for value based Sex Education, Sex Counseling, pre& post marital Sex Education, Sex Therapy & training to better once sexual life, fertility problems due to sedentary Life Style, Obestity , Pcod, Thyroid Dysfunction, Pollution, Physicial& Mental Stress, Pid, Std,etc...

Sexologist in Pune, Maharashtra from India, Dr. Nanal focuses on mental health and female and male sexual dysfunction. he has worked as a consultant on both a national and international level, co-authored a book titled Handbook of Male Infertility & Andrology, published journal articles, and made presentations as a guest faculty member at national and international conferences on sexology, endocrinology, gynaecology, and psychology. Additionally, he gives guest lectures at various medical schools in India. The Handbook of Male Infertility & Andrology, which can be very helpful to aspiring urologists and andrologists, covers male infertility, erectile dysfunction, and some other andrological disorders such priapism, penile fractures, and Peyronie's disease.

Top facilities provided at our Clinic

  • Consultation with Doctor face to face.
  • Sex Education, Sex Counseling, Sex therapy, practical advise, opinion for all sex related problems, pre & post marraige sex counseling, Education.
  • Dignostic tests for blood, urine, hormonal & seman tests, health check up, Sex fitness tests.
  • surgical treatment as and when required for consurned problems with Specialist Doctors.

Sexologist in Pune | Sexologist Doctor in Pune - Chaitanya clinic | Dr. Nanal

         On December 22nd, 2017 during the 10th Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Power Brand Healthcare Leadership Awards, Dr. Nanal received the coveted and extremely prestigious honour of India's Most Promising Woman Healthcare Sexologist & Psychoanalyst. At the National Conference of Sexology in 2008, he also received recognition for the best presentation on female sexual dysfunction. He writes columns for prominent local newspapers. He contributes to various medical portals and periodicals as a guest editor.

        The Indian Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists includes Dr. Nanal as a member. He has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the field of sexual & mental health. Globally, he has successfully treated more than 10,000 patients. The best sexual and mental health for both men and women is his main mantra. For the benefit of her patients, he is knowledgeable about the most recent developments in the developing field of sexual & mental health. He fervently supports the right to sexual, physical, and mental health.

        Hello, patients We at the Sexual and Mental Health Clinic are excited to announce that we have switched to online consultations, mostly for the protection of our patients and their families but also so that our patients can continue to consult with Dr. Nanal.

About - Sexologist Doctor in Pune Dr. Nanal

        The switch to online consultation was made in order to lessen the inconvenience for patients during this pandemic because our hospital's OPD is currently closed temporarily owing to the covid-19 epidemic.

Personal Statement:

Personal Statement: from Dr. Nanal

A sexologist is some one who studies oris an expert in sex &sexuality One who study sexual intrest behaviors &function.

Sexologist are trained in sexual development &development of sexual Relationship also one knows the exact medicines of sexual inter course.

Sexual expert studies & deal with sexual dysfunction disorders &variations In a variety of groups including elderly which can become quite complex When dealing with sexual issues while navigating around religious &political Beliefs.

Sex therapist are one who resolve issues with in a few sessions.

Every one of my patients has the right to good physical health, mental health, and sexual health in order to enjoy a full life, thus I want them all to be properly informed and educated about their health care, from treatment plans to the services available for treating their health concerns. To make an informed choice, review Dr. Nanal's profile and patient testimonials.



  • M.S. in Sexuality and Sexual Counseling.
  • M.Phil in Clinical Psychology
  • PhD in Cognitive Behavior Modification & Clinical Psychology.
  • Micro specialization in Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Sexology and cognitive behaviour modification for both men and women as specialties


Experience: Dr. Nanal

  • Psychoanalyst and Consultant Sexologist at Chaitanya Clinic from 2006 until 2013
  • From 2008 to 2014, Chaitanya Clinic for Women employed a senior consultant sexologist for both genders and a psychoanalyst.
  • From 2013 to 2016, Chaitanya clinic Hospital for Urology and Laparoscopy, Senior Consultant Sexologist for Men and Women, and Psychoanalyst. Currently, Senior Consultant Sexologist and Psychoanalyst for Women and Men at Sexual & Mental Health Clinic
  • Consultant in medical portals i.e., etc

Personal Statement

Personal Statement from Dr. Nanal

Every one of my patients has the right to good physical health, mental health, and sexual health in order to enjoy a full life, thus I want them all to be properly informed and educated about their health care, from treatment plans to the services available for treating their health concerns. To help you decide, read the patient reviews on Dr. Nanal's profile.

See what I can provide for your health


Sexologist Doctors

Treatment from Sexologist Doctors in Pune

Treatment from Sexologist Dr. Nanal

every patient has the right to good physical health, mental health and sexual health to lead a fulfilling life.

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